In 2007, following official and unofficial reports of widespread problems with electronic voting machines across the nation which included reports of machine malfunctions, software tampering and fraudulent electronic vote manipulation, We The People Foundation initiated a federal lawsuit to eliminate ALL electronic and mechanical voting machines.

The legal basis for the action was the well founded assertion that the machines violate the Constitution’s mandate that the People must know how their votes are counted and that machines all count the votes using secret, concealed mechanisms including unknown and uncontrollable software algorithms.

After initial proceedings in 2008 narrowed the slate of plaintiffs and defendants involved, the U.S. District Court gave its approval for the lawsuit to proceed and the case moved into the discovery phase where evidence is exchanged prior to trial.

During 2009-2010 WTP waged a protracted legal battle to secure evidence from the State of
New York, with the state claiming virtually every piece of documentary evidence it possessed was essentially “classified” and restricted from public examination.

In 2010,
New York moved, a second time, to have the NCEL lawsuit dismissed on a legal theory of lack of standing. After delaying its decision for many months, in July 2011 the District Court abusively ordered the dismissal relying on a deliberate misapplication of law and significant misstatement of key facts in the case.

As of October, 2011 WTP stands ready to appeal the dismissal to U.S. Court of Appeals, but needs your help to fund the filing fees and research costs necessary to move forward.

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This lawsuit is the only voter rights case in the nation directly challenging the use of machines to count votes because of the inherent violations of the Constitution they pose, and the gross opportunities the machines pose for fraudulent, criminal vote tampering.

The lawsuit seeks a court order barring all vote counting machines and forcing New York State election officials to use hand-marked paper ballots and to count all such ballots, by hand, in full view of the public at each polling station.
Additional resources, election videos, etc.: The NCEL Information Center

Monday, February 20, 2012

New NCEL video, Sign the Petition for Redress, Update

Your votes are recorded and counted in secret by e-voting/counting machines!

READ & SIGN the WTP Petition for Redress of Grievances to ban all electronic voting machines.

UPDATE:  Lawsuit to Ban All Voting Machines Appealed to U.S. Court of Appeals

VIDEO of filing of NCEL Appeal at U.S. Court of Appeals, Manhattan:

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